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Did you hear me?

The foundation of good communication is to listen actively, when I say actively I mean you are concentrating or focussing on the speaker and you hear the nuances of what they say. You might also be watching their body language to note if this supports the words or if it suggests that a different message is in the speakers head.

When was the last time that you were heard?

I can sympathise with you having spoken into a room that was full of people 'listening' but my words drifted and filtered with the dust motes on the weak sunlight leaving not a mark and a limited response if any.

The debate about saying 'Hello how are you?'

Do you wait for a response? Do you want a response? Are you available to hear the response?

When do you have time to listen to others, when do you make time to listen to those who are important in your life?

I was thinking about the things that I see that are missing and decided that I would add a listening service to my coaching website. The prime reason for this is that people still are wary of coaching as they think that it means that they need to take action and they might not be ready yet. A listening service is reflective and is still all about you. Its about you being heard. Once you appreciate the joy and contentment from being heard you might want to share that facility with someone else.

If I can start a idea and encourage others to add their own colours and stories to it we may gather some contentment.

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