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I Don't Need a Coach

I am running some coaching and leadership skills workshops at the moment and I have met a passionate, engaging group of students who give me hope for the future in education. So far we have looked at some problem solving using tools that are commonly found in change management and leadership. Running the workshops have been an interesting development for me. I often reflect upon the interactions and review my assumptions. I have learnt quite quickly that there are aspects to my own sphere of expertise that I fall into the trap of believing these aspects to be common to other 'humans' and they are not.

COACHING is defined as.......................

I am a enthusiastic coach and I enjoy being coached, particularly when I am working towards simple or complex goals. I appreciate being given the space to think out loud. I often pay for these opportunities when I am struggling to visualise a way forward.

I am registered with the NHS Coaching and Mentoring Hub as part of my honorary contract. I have this question why do people not access coaching if its available?

I asked this question recently, the response suggested that there was a blurring of the lines between people understanding what coaching really was.

  • Do I need to be an expert in your field to coach you?

  • Do I need to be more experienced at the profession to coach you?

  • Do I need to be older than you?

  • Do I need to have lots of qualifications and certificates?

I would suggest the answer is No.

If you are looking for a mentor you might want someone who has the experinece and knowledge that would help you through guidance and signposting, they might answer yes to the questions above and these might help you select them as a person to mentor you in your development.

As a coach I can guide you through the use of models and motivational exploration to reflect upon what you really want. I do not have to personally be involved in your field of interest. To me the opportunity to coach anyone from any profession, using a range of psychology based skills is unique and empowering.

Do you have goals that you need help with?

  • Yes

  • No

If the answer is yes why not sign up for a introductory coaching session with me and see if it helps.

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