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Is Coaching for me?

Have you ever looked at 'coaching' offers and scrolled past, thinking to yourself, "it does not apply to me" or your life?

What do you think coaching is?

What is coaching for?

Who is it for?

Coaching has been defined by the EMCC as "It is a professionally guided process that inspires clients to maximise their personal and professional potential. It is a structured, purposeful and transformational process, helping clients to see and test alternative ways for improvement of competence, decision making and enhancement of quality of life. Coach and Mentor and client work together in a partnering relationship on strictly confidential terms. In this relationship, clients are experts on the content & decision making level; the coach & mentor is an expert in professionally guiding the process."

When you read words such as potential and transformation you might reflect that you have never experienced coaching, and you might struggle to see how it would fit into your life.

My earliest experiences of coaching were as a child, learning to ride a horse. Ah now you are talking you think - sports coaching that is easy to understand and work out, 'sports coaches' help the team to win. Sports coaches do use many of the skills that I use as a coach to help my clients, but I know that I am able to spend more time on the foundation parts of listening and learning about what it is that you really want. My early coach Roley gave me confidence through a scaffold of activities that resulted in me riding young horses bareback without fear. One of my chief aims as a child was to become one with my horse and ride like the wind, having the confidence to just get on and ride any horse without concern was my dream.

Coaching is a means for your to explore your dreams, it also allows you to sort out fairly mundane activities that you might feel that you keep revisiting without moving on. You may well have experienced coaching guidance when you presented a problem to a good friend. You may recall hearing phrases such as "what have you tried so far", "what actions have worked for you", "how did you feel about the activity".

As a young adult my memories of the good coaching sessions were where I developed insight into what I had control over, and I gained relief from the wonderful experience of being heard. Erikson (2018) believes that communication happens on the listeners terms, it is therefore essential that the person listening is prepared to hear you. Coaching provides you with a person who is content to hear you and a trained coach has spent some significant time exploring the methods in which they can best hear your voice and guide you appropriately.

When were you last heard?

If you have a journal make a note of this date and time. Who is it that listens to you? I had a slightly tongue in cheek thought that Bumblebee my canine companion listens to me,

often I consider with an ulterior motive but he does seem to hear me well.

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