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Lets start with seeds

I had a seed of an idea when I was planning my retirement from the QARANC that I could pull together elements of both my military career and my experiences gathering knowledge from various corners of the earth. This seed was to formally acknowledge my own experience and skills with a post graduate certificate in Coaching and Mentoring. I could win awards for the muscles acquired from lugging my own portfolio of certificates, it could be renamed "the Luggage" (Pratchett, 1999) due to its sizeable weight of paper reflecting three decades of knowledge gathering. I was asked once "how come you have so many different strings to your bow, you have a very diverse selection of abilities in your CV?" I reminded the querent that I was in my mid 50's and it was likely that even if I kept within the NMC recommendations I would be collecting a few trees worth of paper, but I recognised I was a perpetual student with a curious mind, learning was a hobby for me, I enjoyed explorations of ideas and new topics. My quest for knowledge did have a theme. My theme was being 'helpful' I would hear that cry for help, and I would jump to like a Disney knight in shining armour. I wanted to ensure that I was a theoretically knowledgeable nurse, and I wanted to be a nurse who could always support patients or clients to make informed choices. Being an advocate for my patients is integral to my development from student nurse and continued throughout my career.

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