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Mistress Motivator or Hibernator

What motivates you?

I was walking about the other day, it was mizzly and grey and I honestly felt I wanted to hibernate. Where was my get up and go? I had a task list as long as your arm, and I had just moved out. I had to have a good full stop moment and recognise that I was tired and I needed to recharge my batteries before attempting to bounce into the new phase of my life. What on earth made me think that I could sell up and move out and just dynamically segue into the next phase without a pause. I also needed to take note it was January and it was WINTER. So it was natural for my body to be asking for a rest. Why wasn’t I listening?

This made me think about when we have high expectations of ourselves and others. As much as we might think that we are rocket powered we are not.

What type of journal prompts motivate you? Do you have a set range of things that work for you or do you like to mix it up?

I often create my own word clouds or draw pictures to nudge myself. I like structure on occasion but not all the time. Sometimes I like the idea of not planning and seeing how the spirit takes me.

The grey days of Monday and Tuesday, filtered out of my mind, on Thursday I got up early and watched the sun rise, the light explosion in the east filled me with the fizz I needed to get some boxes moved from neighbours flat up lots of steps to transport to my new van. Several trips and moving my belongings around were broken up by warm sunshine and sea breezes chasing waves with Bumblebee. A day of achievements.

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