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The Artist's Way Group

Julia Cameron talks in her book about how she hoped groups would meet and support each other in their creative journey, the sharing of experiences would help normalise or motivate towards keeping up with the morning pages or the making time for your self. Why is it so difficult to make time for yourself?

If you are left with nothing else but the concept that you need to allocate time for yourself to play and be creative. Its an outlet that many of us restrict and wonder why we are not content.

The first run of the group happened on 11th July 2023. Thank you to the attendees for the Artists Way group - it became apparent that purchasing the book is a requirement for all attendees if you want to immerse yourself in the process. I did find one for as little as £7.75 second hand. If anyone wishes to attend the Artist's Way group we have discussed the purchase of the book, setting up your morning pages and the tasks that are in Week 1. You are welcome to come and drop in on other sessions to discuss your perceptions of finding your creativity.

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