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Venus Retrograde

Do you ever feel that there is something else going on that is effecting you but you cannot quite put your finger on it? My neighbour was talking about her discontent and feeling unsettled, she was struggling to understand the cause. I commented that I felt that my my choices were floating up in the air and the lack of movement in the things that needed to happen first was making me second guess my original goal. It felt like my patience was being sorely tested. I can assure you I do not ask for extra patience tests since asking to give up impatience for Lent one year. Oh boy did I get tested for the period.

The Venus Retrograde according to Sarah Vrba is about working with the changes that we have been given an opportunity to revisit. It is time to think about the things that no longer serve us well, and what does work for us now we have reached 2023. This is an interesting exercise that is also picked up in the Artist's Way. The first step is to consider all the things that we want to achieve and what we are doing that is helping us get there.

Are there any blocks or barriers that might be found in our own activities, that we might need to shed to be successful. Kelly-Ann Maddox suggests ways that you can use witchcraft to clear your bad habits, isn't YouTube brilliant it provides lots of distractions, and new ideas on how to approach issues that you might be struggling with.

The bottom line is that when it comes to feeling like you are afloat without oars or engine there a variety of techniques that you can try. The simplest type of techniques is 'The List' or a Pro's and Cons List. These often highlight where there is a gap or imbalance. Before you go ahead and scrap the thing that you identified, you could use a 1-10 rating scale to assess how you will feel when you cut the activity out of your life. Some people run their list and cut out people from their day to day life which sounds extremely harsh doesn't it.

But why would you maintain connections with someone who does not listen and lets you down frequently, I expect someone is reading this and will ask about standards being too high - I think to offer another person the gift of being listened too is of high value, it is a gift that is often overlooked and abused by some talkers. Eckman in the book Surrounded by Idiots states that 'The Listener' has control of the conversation. So does that suggest that the person who doesn't listen is playing with power or is careless? I would be interested to explore the reason why so many people do not listen. I recently ran a coaching workshop, attendees were provided time to share their moments and be listened too, in the group one of the attendees was observing to ensure that 'active listening' took place. When the groups rejoined the main room again, many of them said that they really enjoyed the opportunity to be heard. It made them feel valued. Interesting hey!

Going back to the seasonal activity - what things might you cut from your life to help it flourish? Some readers might decide that they will work the hours that they are paid and spend more time with their families. Others might drop a habit, or routine that no longer serves them.

I reviewed the previous Venus Retrograde dates - and realised that I had started a relationship during this not so auspicious phase in the end of 2021/early 2022. Yes I did learn a few painful lessons.

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