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Courses Winter 2023-24

These courses are subscription invitation only


Coaching and Leadership Skills Workshops

A series of six workshops exploring coaching and leadership skills. 

Team Work.jpg

Virtual Team Building

Learn about the psychology behind building a team. This skills workshop will be run over 6 sessions. It is activity based. 


Building a Business Case Workshop

Learn the skills to build a basic business case to apply for funding from a budget holder. Simple steps and guidance coaching you to succeed in your creation of your application. 

Courses 2023

The Dandelion Moon collaborators have accumulated a range of experiences and knowledge that they would like to share, as qualified teachers and coaches they hope to increase awareness that supports all living things. 

Reiki for Dogs

Why not learn how to help and support healing through the use of energy. Reiki for Dogs is perfect for dog lovers. 

Introduction to Complimentary Therapies for Dog Owners

This day long study day will introduce you to essential oils that are suitable for dogs, basic massage techniques and Reiki basics. All for £40 including coffee and biscuits. Certificate of Attendance awarded. 

Complimentary Therapies

Learn about how complimentary therapies can be used at home, for you and your family and your pets.

Subjects will include:

Anatomy and Physiology

Essential Oils

Resources about Alternatives




The Dandelion Moon offers an exchange programme for all of our courses and the coaching with Sara.

If you would like to offer a service or non cash alternative in exchange for any of these activities please contact Sara.

I feel it is important to share knowledge and not everyone can afford to find the money. 

Pay it Forward: if you would like to pay it forward please contact Sara to discuss what resources we can provide that you might pay forward to another community project. 

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