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My name is Sara Hawkins

I am a accredited coach, and educator with 25 years experience in leadership. I have navigated many changes within the workplace and life. I am ready to support you to meet your own challenges. More about me at the How many hats - blog. 

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About Us

Sara has been coaching and mentoring since 1998, she has supported others to identify their goals and work through how to reach them. 

A registered nurse, retired Army officer with three children, Sara enjoys a relaxing split between outdoor pursuits on her allotment and caring for her daughters horse. It was a natural evolution to offer outdoor coaching as this provides a unique opportunity to be grounded and be healthy whilst exploring options. 

This is a dandelion with multiple seed heads glowing in the sunlight

Why Dandelion Moon?

 The dandelion is one of the first flowers that provide bees with food sustaining them during early spring. It represents the strength of the sun and the sign of Leo archetypes that are explored in the blog. The Dandelion is responsive to change, the flower closes when the weather becomes unsettled and it opens fully into the suns welcoming rays reflecting it light. As it matures its beauty changes to an almost ethereal quality that reflects the silver of the moon in the seed heads. It represents time fleeting and wishes that hint at magic being spun into the wind. 

This is a young person enjoying hopping the waves with three dogs. It captures a sense of freedom.

Coaching at

The Dandelion Moon

What do we do?

Inspirational and Thought Provoking

We are all unique, creating a pattern of our lives that sometimes appears to be mapped for us and other times  we can feel like we are adrift in a rowing boat amongst mountainous waves. Coaching gives you the tools to identify where you want to go and sessions with us enable you to see that you are moving in the direction of your choice. Take a moment to review our coaching services, if you would prefer a bespoke session that is not listed please do ask. The Dandelion Moon also provides short courses with a graded price structure. We offer the opportunity to swap goods for services to promote community and the sharing of knowledge. Please contact us if you would like to swap services or goods for our services. 

Our Services

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 A lone hawthorn tree on Bodmin Moor. Time to take stock.

Sara is engaging,  encourages debate and is always happy to answer questions or provide further information. She is very prompt at answering emails and is easy to get hold of. It has been great to be taught by someone very experienced and with such a good knowledge base, and her enthusiasm and passion for the subject is very clear. 

Student Survey

 A Rook on a washing line pole with woods behind.

 Feedback - It really made me think about how I deliver messages to people and how they are interpreted and to perhaps re think how I use my tone of voice when I feel passionate about something. All great learning and was good to be able to reflect :)


Mevagissey Harbour and lighthouse black and white image

 Sara has helped me to move out of feeling completely lost and stuck towards feeling more in control. I have gained a realisation of how creativity is important and this has had an effect on my own work and practice

Becky H.

Viviane D.

"I am thrilled to share some exciting news - I have been offered and have accepted the position of Ward Sister at ###- ## ward. I truly feel fortunate to have had you as a coach. Your impact on my journey will continue to inspire me as I embark on this exciting new chapter. Once again, thank you for making me believe in myself. Your dedication to helping professionals like me is truly commendable. "

Student Masters Level

 "Sara is the module lead for 'Leadership and Innovation' which I am nearing completion.  I found her approachable and passionate about both healthcare and educating leaders, using a range of teaching methods effectively."

Client 2023

“ Sara helped me to think about my strengths, what is important to me and how I can apply it when looking for jobs. Sara's ability to listen attentively and ask thought provoking questions has helped me gain clarity and perspective on my career goals.”
"I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your invaluable coaching and support in the past couple of months. " 

 Client 2023

 "Your guidance has helped me navigate my career path and successfully secure this opportunity. The insights, strategies and encouragement you provided were instrumental in boosting my confidence and enhancing my professional skills. "

Client 2023

“Have customers review you and share what they had to say. Click to edit and add their testimonial.”

Elizabeth - November 2023

 "Dear Sara

I am most grateful for the time and support given to me throughout the coaching session. Thanks for guiding me to realise my capabilities.

Your time and effort during these sessions is very much appreciated.   

Many Thanks  Elizabeth F.A. t


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